3 Ways To Add Mythical Designs To Custom Bronze Statues

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A bronze statue can capture the likeness of a person and have a number of authentic features, but you also have the creative liberty to turn the design into something creative and artistic. When you order a custom bronze statue, you work with the statue designer to come up with something completely unique.

Along with your standard design, you can add some mythical elements to the statue. The mythical elements can include so many features from the world of science-fiction and fantasy. If you have a loved one who you want to honor with a statue, then consider adding these elements based on their interests.

Check out some of the unique mythical elements you could add to bronze statue designs. Use these ideas to get creative with your design choices.

1. Clothing & Armor

Add a unique touch with the clothing a person wears in the statue. You could choose something royal looking that represents a mythical world filled with castles and kingdoms. The statue could feature elegant formal wear or long flowing dresses. You could choose costumes directly from a mythical property you enjoy.

You could make the statue look ready for battle with some armor. Work with a custom bronze statue maker to design armor pieces the character would wear. The pieces could include full body armor, chest pieces, and even a knight's helmet. You can select custom emblems to feature on the armor as well.

2. Wings & Horns

Mythical creatures have a number of features not typically found on humans. Showcase those unique designs with small additions to the statue design. For example, custom bronze statues could feature horns on the top of a person's head. The horns could include small pointed horns or large curved horns that extend upwards and curl down in a circle.

You could also include the addition of wings. A statue could include wings that stick outwards or wings that just hang down off the back. Intricate details will help make the wings or horn look as lifelike as possible and feel like a natural part of the statue's design.

3. Weapons

Weapons have become a big part of science-fiction worlds, and you can add a number of weapon options on statues. A statue could feature a weapon holder and showcase items like swords or arrows attached to the person's body. The statue's hands could also hold a weapon. Pose a statue with a sword or crossbow in its hand.

Play around with design options to make the statue look exactly how you want it and work with artists who can help build your complete statue design. For more information about designing a custom bronze statue, reach out to a local service.