Reasons To Get A Plain Wood Dollhouse

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When you have children who enjoy playing with dolls, a wooden dollhouse can be an exciting gift for an occasion such as Christmas or to celebrate the end of the school year. Rather than buying a standard product at a local toy store, consider finding a company that produces custom dollhouses. You'll get to decide how the dollhouse will look, including what color it will be. While a bright color might seem appealing, don't overlook ordering a plain wood product. There are lots of reasons that it can be a good option to buy.

Your Kids Can Paint It

Perhaps the biggest reason to choose a plain wood dollhouse is that your children can paint it. While they'll be eager to play with their dolls in and around the house, they'll also enjoy coming up with an idea to add color to the wood. You may wish to buy them some acrylic paints that they can use to bring life to the walls, roof, and various interior and exterior accents throughout the house. Kids who are highly creative will have fun thinking about how they want the house to look. For example, some kids might paint the dollhouse to match the family's actual home.

No Worries About Choosing The Wrong Color

When you have the option of choosing any color, you might feel some degree of hesitation about which color to order. For example, if your children like different colors, you might worry that one child may like the color of the dollhouse and the other might dislike it. Instead of facing this conundrum, you can simply choose a plain wood dollhouse. You can be confident that both of your kids will like its neutral appearance. Of course, if your kids wish to paint the structure, they can do so with a combination of colors that they both enjoy.

It Can Work Well With Old Dolls

If your children have a collection of antique dolls — perhaps dolls that have been passed down through your family — a plain wood dollhouse can be ideal because it will match the dolls well. Antique dolls that have an old appearance may look out of place in a new-looking dollhouse that is brightly colored. Your kids will have the option of leaving their dollhouse plain, but if they wish to paint it, they could do so with neutral hues that give the structure somewhat of an antique look. Look online to find a custom dollhouse company.