3 Bronze Statue Ideas Ideal For Backyard Gardens

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Garden decorations come in all shapes and sizes, including bronze statues that create ideal centerpieces for the garden area. As an alternative to store-bought garden statues, consider a custom bronze statue for your garden. A bronze statue is a timeless design with durability to last for years.

Come up with a lot of fun ideas to really transform your garden. The following three ideas create an ideal starting point and will help you brainstorm for your own unique creation.

1. Pets

Immortalize one of your family pets with a custom bronze sculpture. Using still photos, an artist can create a clay model of your pet and cast the model in the bronze finish. The statue will forever stand in your garden as a memorial to your beloved pet. With bases and secure materials, you can select almost any pose for your pet.

For example, you could have a statue created of a dog or cat in a sleeping position and lay the statue down in the garden. Simply surround the statue with colorful flowers and your favorite garden plants. Along with traditional pets, consider other animal designs. For example, if your favorite animal is a lion, then you could have a custom lion statue commissioned for your garden.

2. Fantasy Creatures

Let your imagination run wild as you plan out different bronze statue ideas. If you love the world of fantasy, consider fun fantasy designs. For example, you could have a dragon statue stand tall in the middle of the garden. The unique part of a custom bronze sculpture is the ability to make it all your own.

Collaborate with statue designers to plan out all the little details of a fantasy creature. You could come up with a completely original monster and have the monster come to life through drawings, paintings, or computer renderings. Bronze statue artists will use those details and come up with an ideal size for your garden.

Your original piece can become a family heirloom passed down for multiple generations.

3. People Planters

A statue can stand in the garden or become part of the garden through some creative planning. Honor a family member through the creation of a garden statue. The statue can include a person who holds a pot. Once created, you can then use the pot to plant a special flower. Add a new creation to the built-in pot every year to have a unique section of your garden.

If you have the space, you could even order multiple statues with each person holding a different planter.

Come up with multiple ideas before you make your final decision. Visualize your garden space to see how a statue could fit into the design. To learn more about custom bronze statues, contact a manufacturer.