3 Ways To Use American Indian Collectable Figurines To Teach About Thanksgiving

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As Thanksgiving approaches, many families will teach their children the history of Thanksgiving as Native Americans came together with pilgrims to celebrate in a massive feast. Teaching your children about the different cultures between pilgrims and Native Americans will help give them a clear understanding of the holiday.

The education also showcases why it's important to be thankful for your family and community around you. One way to help with the history lesson is through the use of American Indian collectable figurines. Learn three ways to use the figurines and have the designs become an annual part of Thanksgiving.

1. Native American Customs

The purchase of original American Indian collectable figurines comes with a lot of details you can focus on. The clothing, accessories, and headdresses can be used to illustrate some of the customs Native Americans had. Some of the figurines can showcase what the Native Americans were doing, including farming for corn or starting a fire.

By showcasing the customs through various figurine designs, children can have a better understanding of the life they lived and how the Native Americans used their skills to help plan and cook a Thanksgiving feast.

When you order the figurines, the details should list the tribe the design is based on. Use the information to provide more details, including their locations and local customs.

2. Table Centerpieces & Dinner Conversation

When you purchase Native American figurines, you can use the designs to create a nice centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner table. Not only do the creations fit into the theme of the holiday, but the figurines can become a talking point at the table.

For example, you can use the figurines to get into the history of Thanksgiving and answer any questions a child has about the designs. Each year, you can add a figurine to the collection until you have a full display.

3. Native American Craft Projects

Once you purchase the figurines, you can plan out craft projects to go along with the design. You can use craft sticks to create canoes, small buildings, and tables the Native Americans would sit at to celebrate the holiday.

The crafts are a great way to bond and learn about the various items the pilgrims and Native Americans used for the holiday. Plan out a separate craft for each child and then display the finished designs as a nice Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Start a lot of new holiday traditions with American Indian collectable figurines.