Why Use Climate Controlled Storage For Your Wine

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If you have a growing wine collection, you may be looking into options to store it for the long-term. While your basement might seem like a perfectly fine place at the start, a more serious wine collector will want to look at the benefits of climate controlled storage for storing wine. Here are some of the reasons why going with a climate controlled storage facility is a good idea.

Maintain Taste

Storing wine for the long-term can help improve and refine its taste. But wine can also be quite temperamental when it comes to maintaining its flavor. Most wines require a very specific temperature range in order to preserve the best taste possible. Your basement might be fine during certain months of the year, but extreme temperatures in the winter or summer might affect it. You don't want to hold onto a premium wine for years and then find out when you finally pop the cork that the flavor has been compromised.

High Quality Air is Important

While wine bottles do have a corks, there is at least some air that makes it through and into the bottle through the cork itself. If you've ever heard the word "breathable" attached to a cork, this is what the person meant. That means the quality of the air itself, and not just the temperature, is very important. If your basement is damp or ever develops mold or mildew, this could compromise the surrounding air quality. A climate controlled storage unit will always have top notch quality air, free of pollution and dust.

Secure Protection

If your wine collection is especially valuable, you might want to secure it someplace besides your home. If your home is ever burglarized or if someone accidentally bumps into a wine bottle while walking through the basement, you're going to be very upset. A climate controlled storage facility usually employs top notch security. There is usually a 24/7 camera system and heavily locked and bolted doors, or a gate to prevent unauthorized access. Storing your wine in a storage facility will give you greater peace of mind, knowing that your wine will be well-taken care of and protected, helping you to preserve your investment for the future.

A climate controlled unit can help maintain your wine at the right temperature and provide a high-quality environment for long-term storage. You'll also have peace of mind knowing your wine is properly secured.

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